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Eco chip

eco-chip 100% is recycled industrial tyre rubber, graded in both 10mm and 20mm chips. It is available in a range of natural colours which designed to blend and compliment its natural surroundings.

eco-chip is ideal for pathways, borders, shrub and flower beds, garden play areas, equestrian surfaces and even poultry runs. It can be laid over most existing surfaces such as grass, gravel, soil, stone etc. It is suitable for both domestic and public areas . eco-chip is child freindly and does not degrade. eco-chip is free drainning, prevents ground frost, whilst at the same time providing a practical, decrotive and natural solution.

Eco chip ® has the following benefits:-

  • flexible uses and can be laid over almost any existing surface
  • 100% recycled rubber eco-chip
  • environmentally friendly
  • cost effective
  • porous
  • available in a range of colours
  • certificated to BS EN 1177

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