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Bunkerbond® is a recycled rubber crumb, mixed with a resin binder then installed in the base of golf bunkers as a liner to reduce contamination and maintenance. Bunkerbond® can be used for the building of new bunkers and the renovating of old. It can be laid all year round, providing weather conditions are appropriate. Subject to ground conditions and drainage, Bunkerbond® is laid directly onto the existing soil base of a bunker. In a renovation, the existing contaminated sand is excavated and removed. A geotextile liner is then laid across the area on to the soil, then the Bunkerbond® is mixed, laid and rolled to approximately 40mm thickness and allowed to cure. Sand is spread onto the edges of the wet mix, which remains in place when the Bunkerbond® has dried, covering the rubber from view should the bunker's sand ever move from the edges. Once the Bunkerbond® has set the sand is replaced and you will then have a virtually maintenance free bunker.

Bunkerbond ® has the following benefits:-

  • Prevents sand contamination with dirt, stones etc.
  • Stops burrowing animals.
  • Prevents the sand washing down.
  • No damage to expensive clubs.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Labour saving.
  • Long term cost savings.
  • Seamless pourus product.
  • Recycled material/eco friendly status.
  • Quick install time/minimal disruption.
  • Installed by in house experienced professional teams.
  • Friendly quotation, planning and project management service.

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